[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Differences between mencoder and ffmpegwhenencoding using x264

Bob Pankratz rpankratz
Wed Mar 15 07:40:49 CET 2006

Erik Slagter <erik <at> slagter.name> writes:

> On Mon, 2006-02-20 at 22:02 +0100, Erik Slagter wrote:
> > > diff -u, please
> > FWIW, here the diff -u:
> Now we're on it, I think this reads even better
 (I hope this aligns using monospace font)
> ffmpeg                   mencoder
> cabac=0                  cabac=1
> ref=1                    ref=1
> deblock=0:0:0            deblock=1:0:0
> analyse=0x1:0            analyse=0x1:0x111


In the same spirit we've been trying to adapt a recipe 
for using ffmpeg to transcode videos to h.264 for 
iPod users. We've got optimal settings for 1-pass
 using native x264->ipod done. Given the speed and 
direct to mp4 feature from ffmpeg it is of course
 preferred to x264. So here is the setting table. If 
anyone wants to help us convert this please jump on in.

view in mono font.

encode     User                                                    Requires
approach   Set   x264 ipod optimal          ffmpeg default         Override
=======    ====  =================          ===================    ========
A          x     crf=19                     crf=undef              yes
B          x     bitrate=320                bitrate=3000           yes
B                ratetol=1.0                ratetol=1.3               
A & B            cabac=0                    cabac=0                   
A & B      x     ref=5                      ref=1                  yes
A & B            deblock=1:0:0              deblock=0:0:0          yes
A & B            analyse=0x1:0x111          analyse=0x1:0          yes
A & B      x     me=umh                     me=dia                 yes
A & B            subme=6                    subme=6                   
A & B            brdo=1                     brdo=0                 yes
A & B            mixed_ref=0                mixed_ref=0               
A & B      x     me_range=21                me_range=4             yes
A & B            chroma_me=1                chroma_me=0            yes
A & B            trellis=0                  trellis=0                 
A & B            8x8dct=0                   8x8dct=0                  
A & B            cqm=0                      cqm=0                     
A & B            chroma_qp_offset=0         chroma_qp_offset=0        
A & B            slices=2                   slices=1               yes
A & B            bframes=1                  bframes=0              yes
A & B            b_pyramid=0                b_pyramid=undef        yes
A & B            b_adapt=1                  b_adapt=undef          yes
A & B            b_bias=0                   b_bias=undef           yes
A & B            direct=2                   direct=undef           yes
A & B            wpredb=0                   wpredb=undef           yes
A & B            keyint=250                 keyint=12              yes
A & B            keyint_min=25              keyint_min=7           yes
A & B            scenecut=40                scenecut=0             yes
A & B            rceq='blurCplx^(1-qComp)'  rceq='tex^qComp'       yes
A & B            qcomp=0.60                 qcomp=0.50             yes
A & B            qpmin=7                    qpmin=2                yes
A & B            qpmax=35                   qpmax=31               yes
A & B            qpstep=4                   qpstep=3               yes
A & B            ip_ratio=1.40              ip_ratio=1.25          yes
A & B            pb_ratio=1.30              pb_ratio=udef          yes
A & B            vbv_maxrate=0              vbv_maxrate=9000       yes
A & B            vbv_bufsize=0              vbv_bufsize=65536      yes 

ffmpeg command line to follow....

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