[Ffmpeg-devel] How to reduce the ffmpeg avcodec.dll, avformat.dll size

Jimmy Zha zhajm
Tue Mar 14 06:38:44 CET 2006


	I compiled the FFmpeg with MinGW on Windows,and got 3 dlls: avcodec.dll, avformat.dll, avutil.dll.

	I am do some work on Microsoft Visual Studio with the FFMpeg lib/dlls. 

    avcodec.dll(8.31mb),avformat.dll(9.16mb) is too big to my program. How can i reduce them.

    I think i can cut of some encoder/decoder which i do not use them. I just use the flv encoder and lame mp3 en coder only.

Best regards!

????????Jimmy Zha
????????zhajm at 56.com

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