[Ffmpeg-devel] Coverity defect scan

Mike Melanson mike
Mon Mar 13 23:42:54 CET 2006

Diego Biurrun wrote:
> Well, judging from the commits I'm seeing on mplayer-cvslog, quite a few
> of them seem to be real bugs.
> Fixing these defects is also going to be a status thing I guess.  The
> xine people loudly say how horrible the MPlayer code is at every
> possible occasion.  Nevertheless their defect rate is considerably
> higher than ours.
> I couldn't help but grin ;)

	Okay, I finally got access to Coverity's xine scan. Does MPlayer's scan 
include any external libraries? As you know, xine chooses to maintain 
external libraries in its own CVS codebase. Out of 343 bugs,  33 come 
from FFmpeg, 52 from libdvdnav, 5 from liba52, 11 from libfaad, 5 in 
libmad, and at least 2 from files that aren't even used anymore (hmm, 
maybe this scan was useful after all).

	-Mike Melanson

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