[Ffmpeg-devel] FFmpeg and custom protocol

Shane M. Walton walton
Wed Mar 8 18:35:33 CET 2006


I am trying to write an application that will encode raw YUV frames from a
captures device and transmit the encoded packets over the network via
UDP:multicast.  I understand the UDP capabilities in within the FFmpeg API,
but the UDP support does not allow for interleaving metadata in the encoded

I need help understanding what I can utilize in the FFmpeg API so I can
create sending/encoding and receiving/decoding applications that would allow
switching of codec types at startup, each side have prior knowledge, so
there is no discovery, and handle packet loss or misaligned packets.

For example, when using CODEC_ID_MPEG4, the receiving side seems to have
trouble re-syncing when a packet is dropped or is misaligned.  Is there a
call to aid in re-syncing when avcodec_encode_video() fails?  The metadata
mentioned will be detected on the receiving side and not handed to
avcodec_encode_video().  The receiving side also has knowledge of the
expected frame size when using MPEG4, MSMPEG4 codecs.

Thanks for the help!

Shane M. Walton

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