[Ffmpeg-devel] rtsp problem with ffplay

Luca Barbato lu_zero
Wed Mar 8 14:30:06 CET 2006

chris.2.dobbs at bt.com wrote:
> Many thanks for your reply Luca.
> I have not heard of libnms/nemesi ...is it part of the ffmpeg src tree?


> BTW - I see what is going on with payload type 96 now, I suppose just to
> test I could 'hard-code' the sdp_parser to pick up AMR NB codec info for

DO NOT hardwire 96 with amr, the payload number is just a number now,
reading the sdp you discover what the server is sending with this
payload is the proper way to map number with codec.

> payload type 96....yuk I know but I am really interested to know if
> ffplay can actually deal with AMR NB over rtsp

better check the rfc about it.

RTP is a pain because you need to write a separate framer for each
codec. Sometimes even write many framers if the people got too much
creative about it...


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