[Ffmpeg-devel] [RFC] wmadec init float to fixedpoint conversion

Benjamin Larsson banan
Fri Mar 3 13:36:28 CET 2006

Hi, attached is a WIP for removing all the floats in the init routines
for wma. What I'm aiming for is that the code maintains it's readable
way and that all floats are removed. Currently I'm keeping an option to
still use floats through a define. Is that needed ?

And is the naming of the macros ok?, most likely they would only be used
in the init. And then the use of the F_TO_FP macro like F_TO_FP(0.5). I
think it keeps the readability of the source, but I'm not sure if the
compiler would be smart enough to optimize it to a constant value all
the time. Then on the other hand the init is just called once.

And once again this is not for inclusion just for discussion.

Benjamin Larsson

"incorrect information" is an oxymoron. Information is, by definition, factual, correct.

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