[Ffmpeg-devel] Type 1 DV Seek Crash

Brian Brice bbrice
Wed Mar 1 18:51:14 CET 2006


I've been testing type 1 DV data (in AVI format) with ffmpeg.
Everything seems to work fine except for seeking.  When specifying a
timestamp for seeking, ffmpeg crashes (dereferencing null pointer) in
avidec.c.  I'm not quite sure how to fix it (or else I would've
submitted a patch), but I'm telling you guys.  I've attached a script of
my session showing the information that ffmpeg prints with
dump_format(), then output of GDB as I run it with -ss, the segmentation
fault, and the backtrace.  Also in the session, I tested it with 2
different files.

I'm *guessing* that the handler for PCM data does not initialize the
streams's priv_data.  If anyone needs anymore information or can tell me
if I'm just doing it wrong, please tell me.  Unfortunately, I can't
supply a type 1 DV file because the ones I have are rather big.  Thanks
lot guys!
Brian Brice
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