Robert Swain robert.swain
Wed Mar 1 16:56:20 CET 2006

On Wednesday 01 March 2006 15:30, Patrice Roulet wrote:
> Hi Rob
> 	Thanks for your help.
> 	But I don't believe the problem comes from the ISO MPEG because:
> 	I have a multithread program were I receive data from internet in a thread
> and I decode data in other thread. With this program I have problem that
> you see in the picture.
> 	However, I have made a another program where I just decode frame and I
> haven't any problem.
> 	So with the same MPEG4 frames in program 1 I have decode problem and I
> haven't problem in program 2
> 	Do you believe the decoder could have any problem if he doesn't decode in
> the main thread?
> 	Or is there problem if I feed decoder too quickly or too slowly?
> 	I could send to you the MPEG4 frames but I guess you couldn't reproduce
> the bug.
> 	I'm very glad, if anybody have an idea to solve this problem.
>    Regards
>    Patrice.

Messed up indentation. Rejected. </joke> (Sorry, had to. :))

I'm unqualified to give a proper answer to those questions. I thought you were 
reporting a problem in FFmpeg which would be easier to verify through having 
a sample. I'll let more capable people handle your problem. :)


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