[Ffmpeg-devel] proposed configure patch for better detection of cross-platform compilers

Panayotis Katsaloulis panayotis
Wed Mar 1 02:08:14 CET 2006


Here I propose this patch, in order for the ./configure script to
better detect if a cross platform compiler is used:

--- configure   2006-03-01 02:46:30.000000000 +0200
+++ configure.old       2006-03-01 02:46:05.000000000 +0200
@@ -939,7 +939,7 @@

-if test -z "$cross_prefix" -a "$cpu" = "`uname -m`"; then
+if test -z "$cross_prefix" ; then

 # ---
 # big/little-endian test

The reason I am applying for this is, in macosx the compiler has
exactly the same name for both architects, only the "-arch XXX"
parameter differs.
Although I can bypass this with the --extra-cflags option, the script
can not properly detect whether the target platform is big or little
This patch (hopefully) fixes this issue.

Thank you

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