[Ffmpeg-devel] Problem in optimization in PowerPC...

김연일 yiryan.kim
Tue Jul 18 15:44:48 CEST 2006

When I optimize my ffmpeg on PPC970 works using -tune=970 like this:

#./configure --prefix=/home/ryan/ffmpeg_ppc_tune --tune=970 --powerpc-perf-

WARNING: Tuning for PPC970 but AltiVec disabled!



After warning the install continue (make and make install)

And to test ffmpeg I tried simple decode h.264 like this:

#/ffmpeg -s 1920x1088 -i ../../hd.264 -s 1920x1088 out_hd.yuv


picture size invalid (1920x0)

Segmentation fault


With out optimization, it works perfect.

I don?t why this happen?

Somebody have a document related with this?


Ps. And I want to know how to use ./libavcode/ppc/* file enable.

It looks like related with AltiVec for ppc optimization.

You know how?





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