[Ffmpeg-devel] mingw (--enable-shared) build broken

Ramiro Polla ramiro86
Mon Jul 31 21:50:41 CEST 2006

Diego Biurrun wrote:
>On Mon, Jul 31, 2006 at 07:37:59PM  0300, Andrew Voznytsa wrote:
>>mingw (--enable-shared) build broken - export libraries are not
>>generated. Revision 5867.
>Can you try to be more specific?  What exactly is broken?  Which
>revision introduced the problem?  r5867 was a TODO list update, so the
>problem must have been introduced earlier.
I'll just point out what the current problem with msys mingw is. I will
not attempt to provide a solution as to avoid being flamed. Then the
maintainers can search for the solution they like best, that is if they
wish to stop receiving bug reports about mingw and shared linking, which
appear to start coming in daily.
Everything compiles fine. The change of SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR to
'$(SLIBPREF)$(NAME)-$(LIBMAJOR)$(SLIBSUF)' was a very good step. Thank
you very much for that.
When ffmpeg.exe is run, it expects to find "SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR".
ffmpeg.exe was linked with "SLIBNAME", which is just a copy of
"SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR", so all the internal references really point to
"SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR". But in fact, who gets installed in common.mak is
"SLIBNAME". So when Windows looks for the .dll with major, it doesn't
find it.
I know I said I wouldn't attempt to provide a solution, but I changed my
mind in those last few lines... The most plausible solution (for me)
would be to install SLIBNAME_WITH_MAJOR instead of SLIBNAME (common.mak,
line 65). That way, version information would go along with the
binaries, and there would be no dll hell. Besides the fact that it would
not clobber the makefiles, and not make a mingw-specific build. The
mingw-specific install is already there, so it wouldn't be adding
anything bad.
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