[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: today's x264 - svn 541 - breaks configure

sean seandarcy2
Mon Jul 31 21:23:56 CEST 2006

M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:
> M?ns Rullg?rd <mru at inprovide.com> writes:
>>Panagiotis Issaris said:
>>>sean wrote:
>>>>+ ./configure --prefix=/usr --libdir=/usr/lib64
>>>>--shlibdir=/var/tmp/ffmpeg-root/usr/lib64 --enable-mp3lame
>>>>--enable-vorbis --enable-libogg --enable-faad --enable-faadbin
>>>>--enable-faac --enable-libgsm --enable-xvid --enable-x264 --enable-a52
>>>>--enable-a52bin --enable-pp --enable-shared --enable-pthreads
>>>>--enable-dc1394 --enable-gpl '--extra-cflags=-march=k8  -fPIC
>>>>-funswitch-loops -ftree-vectorize     -pipe -frename-registers
>>>>-mfpmath=sse' '--extra-ldflags= ' --tune=k8 --disable-mpegaudio-hp
>>>>ERROR: x264 not found
>>>>If you think configure made a mistake, make sure you are using the latest
>>>>check_header x264.h
>>>>BEGIN /tmp/ffmpeg-conf-10715-17152-9131.c
>>>>     1    #include <x264.h>
>>>>     2    int x;
>>>>END /tmp/ffmpeg-conf-10715-17152-9131.c
>>>>gcc -march=k8 -fPIC -funswitch-loops -ftree-vectorize -pipe
>>>>-frename-registers -mfpmath=sse -march=k8 -pthread -E -o
>>>>/tmp/ffmpeg-conf-16310-17152-25546.o /tmp/ffmpeg-conf-10715-17152-9131.c
>>>>In file included from /tmp/ffmpeg-conf-10715-17152-9131.c:1:
>>>>/usr/include/x264.h:32:4: warning: #warning You must include stdint.h
>>>>or inttypes.h before x264.h
>>>>ERROR: x264 not found
>>>>#if !defined(_STDINT_H) && !defined(_STDINT_H_) && \
>>>>    !defined(_INTTYPES_H) && !defined(_INTTYPES_H_)
>>>># ifdef _MSC_VER
>>>>#  pragma message("You must include stdint.h or inttypes.h before
>>>># else
>>>>#  warning You must include stdint.h or inttypes.h before x264.h
>>>># endif
>>>Is it because check_cc(), check_cpp() and check_ld() in revision 5869
>>>consider any compiler output to
>>>be an indication of failure for determining library support?
>>>And as --enable-x264 generates the warning "You must include stdint.h or
>>>inttypes.h before x264.h",
>>>it complains?
>>>+    "$@" 2>&1 | tee -a $logfile | { ! grep -q .; }
>>Yes, this is the cause of the problem.  I personally consider x264.h broken
>>for two reasons.  I'll either fix x264.h or work around the matter, but not
>>until after work.
> Fixed.
  WFM. Thanks for the quick response.


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