[Ffmpeg-devel] problematic_configure_with_lame(win32)

Ramiro Polla ramiro86
Sat Jul 29 21:53:40 CEST 2006


Cian Duffy wrote:
>On 29/07/06, Diego Biurrun <diego at biurrun.de> wrote:
>>.. here it does not get added to the gcc invocation.  I cannot reproduce
>>this problem here on Linux, CFLAGS get included just fine.
>>I'm stumped here.  Ideas anyone?
>BeOS has had a similar issue where LAME/A52 and other externals are not
>found; and extra CFLAGS get lost since some configure changes. I've found
>that removing the
>flags_saved && return line from the save_flags() statement in configure
>'fixes' both of them. I have no idea why, nor what removing that line is
>likely to cause, but it suggests some problems anyway. Might be caused by
>the elderly bash version (2.05b) or similar.
I had a problem with configure in msys and flags_saved() from configure.
But I thought it was just a bug in msys, and I didn't dare submit
another bug report related to msys.
Whenever flags_saved() is called, there's a bug that returns the
incorrect result. It's the "(: ${SAVE_CFLAGS?}) 2>/dev/null" line. That
way, on save_flags(), the first line "flags_saved && return" always
returns. Which means the flags are never saved. And also means that
anytime you want to save flags, they get dropped. So, the --extra-cflags
and --extra-ldflags always get dropped before they're really used.
I altered configure to make a different way of checking if the flags are
saved, then everything works. Try out the attached patch. The big
problem I found in it is that FLAGS_SAVED="no" is not in some nice place.

Ramiro Polla

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