[Ffmpeg-devel] FLV to SWF, SWF to FLV transcoding

Chris Dolan chris
Sun Jul 23 15:03:40 CEST 2006

This isn't directly related to ffmpeg, but I'd like to announce an  
open source FLV <-> SWF transcoder I wrote in Perl.  Because the SWF  
and FLV file formats support the same media types (H.263, MP3, etc),  
the transcoder just has to move bits around rather than do any  
encoding or decoding of media.


I mention this on the ffmpeg list for three reasons:

   1) People creating FLVs via ffmpeg might be interested in making SWFs
   2) I seek help with testing: so far I've only tested FLVs created  
      On2's Flix engine
   3) My library also generates FLV metadata via FLV->FLV rewriting.
      This is similar to the metadata created by Philipp Klaus' ffmpeg
      patch which has been discussed here over the past couple of weeks

More details:

Both positive and negative feedback is very welcome!

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