[Ffmpeg-devel] PTS / DTS with XViD

Jani Boutellier bow
Mon Jul 17 17:10:23 CEST 2006

I'm using ffmpeg's libavformat to read a XViD stream that is wrapped in 
the OGM container. It works fine as long as I do not use B-Frames in XVid.

When I use B-frames, I assume that I should read the PTS / DTS -indexes 
from the AVPacket structure to get the correct frame order for decoding, 

Well, PTS ans DTS both show just the ascending index numbers of the 
frames read from the bitstream, giving no hint of the correct frame 
decoding order -- and the video gets messed up.

Is there another place where I should read the PTS and DTS from or what 
is the correct procedure anyway?

BTW: I do not use libavcodec to decompress XVid frames, I just want read 
the frame bitstream from the OGM file with FFMPEG.

-- Jani

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