[Ffmpeg-devel] Creating T-DMB like .TS files

Nico Sabbi nicola_sabbi
Sun Jul 16 10:01:23 CEST 2006

Maurice Tfilin wrote:

>It's "ETSI TS 102 428" 

please, don't top post.

This implementation is utter nonsense, but since I already added
to mplayer a demuxer for this kind of crap I'd like to have some 

- although the pes packets containing the sl packets have a pts/dts pair,
the sl packets themselves have dts and cts (same for the scr), so which
timestamp pair is right? I chose the pes one because it's at a higher level
(and because I hate the sl packetizer :) )
(IMO, since etsi already specified a lot of restriction on the stream 
they should have
mandated the absence of this fields in the slconfig descriptor)

- how is the nominal framerate supposed to be determined if the vui messages
are not mandated and no appropriate descriptor is specified?


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