[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: integrating AVS decoding into MPlayer

Baptiste Coudurier baptiste.coudurier
Sat Jul 15 20:26:35 CEST 2006

Rich Felker wrote:
>> [...]
>> The other attitude produced DV in AVI crap, Vorbis in another container
>> mess, fourcc collisions, FMP4 nonsense. H264 NAL reformating shit, MP3
>> frame wraping shit, etc...
> It produced none of these things. What produced these things was the
> fact that these codecs were originally designed (by idiot designers)
> to only work in one container, so that (bigger idiot) windows users
> came up with obviously-incorrect ways to store them in other
> containers with double-container nonsense.
> What I'm talking about is very different. NUT is very specific about
> how arbitrary codecs must be stored, but the same requirements that
> work for NUT work for any sane container. The same frames stored in
> NUT can be stored in AVI and a proper player will play them just fine.

For examples, about H264 you need to either choose either
AVI(bytestream) wraping or MOV wraping. You shall standardize wraping
for codecs (vorbis, dv, h264 comes in mind). Saying "just like in AVI"
is stupid and will produce more mess than it is actually. Wraping is
another problem than "identifying" codecs by a fourcc.

And why not specifying BEST wraping method for codecs instead of using
AVI one ?

IMHO H264 NAL formating in MOV is better than in AVI. Not standardizing
wraping is just laziness IMHO.

>> IMHO If a container wants to support a codec, it shall standardize it,
>> and an application shall not just decide a "fourcc" and just cook
>> something in his corner.
> No, this is nonsense. The whole point with NUT's codec support is that
> there is NO NEED for a special per-codec standard for storage. A
> general rule applies to all codecs, and then no additional effort is
> needed.

It is not. It avoids (big idiots) (windows ?) developpers to cook
something wrong. That's why standards are written. General rule applies
for now, and in a few years it won't apply anymore (And of course you
can't be sure that every codec in this world will be wraped correctly in

I persist to say that a container SHALL standardize a codec wraping
(even just saying "default wraping rule applies" and its fourcc is ...)
if it needs to support it. It should just be a matter of one line per
codec, as NUT is very generic ;)

What about timecode ? Subtitles ?
Now just joking, DVBSUB is gonna wraped be like in AVI  :) ?

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