[Ffmpeg-devel] Patch to add header info to flv format

:: Gerd Hilgemann / Onlinelib.de :: gh
Wed Jul 12 19:06:16 CEST 2006

hi ismail,

can you please send me the flv meta patch ? i was not include in the ffmpeg 
mailing list.

thank you.


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?ar?amba 12 Temmuz 2006 19:17 tarihinde, Philipp Klaus ?unlar? yazm??t?:
> Hello list,
> I implemented a patch against ffmpeg, that adds a minimal header (meta
> data) to the flv video format. This is needed if you want to have the
> progress slider display anything in a flash video player.
> I've searched the ffmpeg homepage for an email address to send the patch
> to but have not found one. What's the usual way to send patches to this
> project? Send the patch to this list? Or is there a central address for
> every module where I have to send my patch?

Send patches here using the unified diff format ( diff -u ).

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