[Ffmpeg-devel] Patch to allow cross-compile with MacOS X

Graham Booker ffmpeglist
Tue Jul 11 01:24:57 CEST 2006

On Jul 10, 2006, at 4:52 PM, M?ns Rullg?rd wrote:

> Graham Booker <ffmpeglist at cod3r.com> writes:
>>> The problem with this is that some tests pass linker flags to the
>>> check_ld function, and passing linker flags when only compiling (as
>>> this would do) makes the compiler complain.
>> Ugh...  Oddly enough it didn't complain for me.  I guess I am not
>> running into a situation where it does this.  Does it pass in compile
>> options or just link options?  When I looked at it, it seemed to just
>> be link options.  If it is just link, then maybe removing $@ from the
>> compile line (and its associated log line)?  I tried this locally,
>> and it seemed to work.
> Passing $@ to the commands is the whole point of the tests that pass
> these extra options, i.e. figuring out whether some linker option is
> supported.

What I meant by the compile line is the first cc, which creates  
the .o file.  I fully meant to leave it in the second which links.   
To avoid ambiguity, the patch becomes:

Index: configure
--- configure   (revision 5649)
+++ configure   (working copy)
@@ -226,8 +226,10 @@
      log check_ld "$@"
      cat >$TMPC
      log_file $TMPC
-    log $cc $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS "$@" -o $TMPE $TMPC $extralibs
-    $cc $CFLAGS $LDFLAGS "$@" -o $TMPE $TMPC $extralibs >>$logfile 2>&1
+    log $cc $CFLAGS -c -o $TMPO $TMPC >>$logfile 2>&1
+    $cc $CFLAGS -c -o $TMPO $TMPC >>$logfile 2>&1
+    log $cc $LDFLAGS "$@" -o $TMPE $TMPO $extralibs >>$logfile 2>&1
+    $cc $LDFLAGS "$@" -o $TMPE $TMPO $extralibs >>$logfile 2>&1

The $@ is still present in the second cc (link), just removed from  
the first (compile).  This should still test the ldflags without any  

- Graham

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