[Ffmpeg-devel] samples database

Mike Melanson mike
Sun Jul 9 23:13:46 CEST 2006

Attila Kinali wrote:
> On Sun, 09 Jul 2006 11:30:11 -0700
> Mike Melanson <mike at multimedia.cx> wrote:
>> Could this be tied into the MultimediaWiki somehow? I've already done a
>> lot of work to populate the Wiki with links into the samples archive.
> This all depends on the guy who does it.

Let's get back to purpose. What exactly are you looking to accomplish,
i.e., what input do you want to provide and what output do you expect to
receive? I ask because I rather believed that the MultimediaWiki already
achieved the general task of pointing people to samples based on various
criteria. Can you just use the Wiki to document the samples collection
in other ways?

Before I installed MediaWiki and startup up the MultimediaWiki, I had
long brainstormed a custom PHP-driven, MySQL-backed web app that would
help catalogue FourCCs, codecs, containers, companies, and samples. A
Wiki is the lazy person's content management system (CMS) that allows
for an incredible facsimile of a custom database app with little backend
maintenance headache.

	-Mike Melanson

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