[Ffmpeg-devel] static pictures and h.264

陆然 hephooey
Fri Jul 7 14:58:11 CEST 2006


First of all, you can download the sample from 


It's a 1489.574 sec h.264 video generated from 5 1024x768 static pictures, 
framerate 23.975, The file is only 9.5M, but it managed to consume 33% cpu 
time on my athlon-xp 3200+. I report the file because I think the consumption 
is abnormal, considering the movie is almost static and the average bitrate 
is only 6 kbyte/s. My experience is that the decoder is much more sensitive 
to the video size than bitrate, when encoding a movie the cpu time will drop 
a lot if I scale down the video and keep the same bitrate, while increase the 
bitrate from 300k to 600k does not rise the cpu consumption significantly. Is 
this the canonical behavior of h.264 decoding?
Best Regards,

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