[Ffmpeg-devel] dummy audio

Thomas Koninckx thomas.koninckx
Thu Jul 6 15:50:22 CEST 2006


I'm trying to make video data which is compatible with 'Pinnacle Studio
8'. Whatsoever, the only thing it seems to eat is vanilla mpeg1, with an
audio stream...
This is where I've got a question. I want to add a 'dummy audio' stream.
Currently I do this by just adding zero filled frames, 'compressing'
them and writing them interleaved to the file. All works fine, except
that it seems to add quite a bit of load to the cpu to do so. The latter
comes a bit surprisingly, as there is actually almost nothing to
compress, neither to write...
Any suggestions to do the above, a bit a smarter way? (Note: I can't
circumvent the Studio8 issue, it's out of my hands...) Thanks


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