[Ffmpeg-devel] flv conversion problems- buffering

Sankha sankha
Tue Jul 4 03:01:27 CEST 2006

I have converted two avi files into flv, one using FFMPEG code and the other using the FLASH 8 VIDEO ENCODER. Both the files are running with there flv conversion. But the major problem comes when i am playing it with the flvplayer created by me.I used a buffering time span in the flv player and its dynamically calling the flv files via php code.When i am veiwing the conversion ( converted by FLASH 8 VIDEO ENCODER ) the player is working excellently..with the buffered time and the progress bar.But when ever i am playing the file converted by FFMPEG , the buffered time and the progress bar seems not to work...though the play and pause buttons are working in both the cases.
plz help.
I have put this code in the php file:

 $command = escapeshellcmd('ffmpeg -i ' . $source_file . ' -ab 64 -ar 22050 -b 500 -r 15 -s 320x240 ' . $destination_file);


$encode_cmd = "/usr/bin/ffmpeg -i $source_file -f flv -ab 64 -ac 1 -title \"Clip Title\" -author \"Clip Author\" -copyright \"Clip Copyright\" $destination_file";
  exec( $encode_cmd );
  chmod($dest_path, 0644 ); 

The links to both the files are      http://www.monkeybriefs.com/movie/flv/play.php?videoFile=israelshopping.flv    This flv has been converted from avi format via FLASH 8 VIDEO ENCODER and all the things are working.

                                               http://www.monkeybriefs.com/movie/flv/play.php?videoFile=1059109parade.flv     This flv has been converted from avi format via FFMPEG CODE. and the buffer bar is not working...
Both are using the same swf and the flash 8 files

PLZ reply as soon as possible becos i am in a real fix.
Thanks and regards,

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