[Ffmpeg-devel] Scaling of interlaced video

John O'Halloran joh
Thu Jul 6 12:41:04 CEST 2006


            I am a recent convert to FFMPEG.  Wonderful effort guys/gals!


I have one problem with the current release - vertical resizing of
interlaced video.  If I attempt to use FFMPEG to resize interlaced video, it
screws up the resizing unless you elect to deinterlace the output.  Clearly,
it needs an option to treat the source as interlaced, namely splitting
source video into field stores before doing the resizing.  


The reason I am having problems is that I cannot get FFMPEG to convert 16/9
interlaced video to 4/3 video with a black band top/bottom.  It is fine if
targeting VCD and the material is deinterlaced, but when outputing DVD-style
interlaced video it messes up.


I have had a look at the source and feel it would be something that would
take me a very long time to fix, but the original authors could probably
pull this off in a much shorter timescale.  If no one wants to do this I
will have a go.


I hope this message reaches the folk concerned, and if I can be of any help
resolving this I am happy to do so.


Thanks again for both the fine FFMPEG project and taking the time to read

John O'Halloran



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