[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: [PATCH] fix compilation with cavs decoder

Lauri Hahne lauri.hahne
Tue Jul 4 13:01:39 CEST 2006

Stefan Gehrer <stefan.gehrer at gmx.de> kirjoitti Tue, 04 Jul 2006 12:45:28  

> Now as far as I understand the AVS way it is roughly like this:
> Some academic body with experience in the field of video coding pulls
> together a standard, largely consisting of existing technology, with
> the goal of finding a good trade-off between coding efficiency
> and implementation complexity. Then they seek out to those who might
> claim patent rights in the used technology and try to get a good deal
> for the licensing. The decisions of what technology to use in the
> standard are purely (or at least much more) on technical merit and
> IMHO the result of this is worth a look.

I see it more like this. Though this my personal opinion and doesn't  
represent any kind of truth.

-There is political pressure to create a standard which isn't very  
dependant on western companies.
-They form a makeshift group to develop something usable. The group is  
mostly based on Chinese academics the merits of whom we have no knowledge.
-They take AVC and remove complex features and heavily patented  
technologies and try to put something in to replace those and develop  
other solutions as much as they can.

So AVS has all the features to become a messy system developed by amateurs  
etc. but if you say that it is pretty good and functionable then I won't  


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