[Ffmpeg-devel] BUG? ffmpeg option -bug

Alex Antropoff alant
Tue Feb 28 18:26:11 CET 2006

Hello, I've tried to use option -bug from command line,
-bug 8192 to be exactly, but it did not help me.
Using av_log I see what workaround_bugs got right value, 
but at h263_encode_init() s->workaround_bugs is 0.
As I understand it must be set at least to default value, 

Cmdline was: 
ffmpeg -i 1.avi -strict 2 -bug 8192 -level 8 -r 7.5 -ar 22050 -s qcif -b 128 -vcodec mpeg4 -ab 64 -ac 1 -acodec aac 1.3gp

Alex Antropoff

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