[Ffmpeg-devel] dsputil h264 ppc patch

Aurelien Jacobs aurel
Mon Feb 27 23:24:20 CET 2006

On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 10:34:10 -0500
Likai Liu <liulk at cs.bu.edu> wrote:

> On Mac OS X 10.3, a type error in 
> libavcodec/ppc/dsputil_h264_template_altivec.c (line 429) prevents me 
> from compiling the file. It is patched below. The rationale of this fix 
> is that v16ui looks like it should be unsigned int, so it should be 
> constructed using vec_splat_u32 and not vec_splat_u16 (which is 
> unsigned short).
> The patch is made against revision 1.4 of the cvs.
> By the way, why don't we simply say vec_splat_u32(16), but have to use 
> vec_sl(vec_splat_u32(1), vec_splat_u32(4)), effectively saying 1 << 4 
> for all values in the vector? It doesn't make the code easier to read. 
> Same question for v512si.

Indeed, this fixes the compilation problem reported recently on some
G3 systems (with altivec compilation auto-enabled by ./configure).

Can anyone who knows altivec, check this patch and apply it ?



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