[Ffmpeg-devel] Recommended format?

Dieter freebsd
Fri Feb 24 11:33:12 CET 2006

> dont mux to mpeg-ps, its not a good choice for anything realtime
> and not a good choice for for non-standard codecs

Can someone recommend a good choice for:

(a) archiving NTSC
	goal #1: high quality
	goal #2: small file size (without hurting quality)

(b) timeshifting NTSC
	quality somewhat less important than for archiving

In both cases, must be fast enough to capture in real time on
AMD64 3000+.

Currently the final output needs to be DV.  This may change in
the future.  I was hoping to capture straight to DV, especially
for timeshifting, but so far it is looking like this is too slow
for real time.  (I need to find out if the tuner driver can output

For the archiving case, perhaps a multi step process where
step one is capture in real time but with a large file,
and later step two does a slow, careful conversion to a
smaller file?

Can someone recommend a good README on video formats discussing
tradeoffs between quality, file size, CPU power needed, etc. ?

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