[Ffmpeg-devel] Problem with CONFIG_MUXERS and the definition of put_be32 et al.

Diego Biurrun diego
Tue Feb 21 09:51:28 CET 2006

On Tue, Feb 21, 2006 at 03:35:24AM +0000, Sam Morris wrote:
> I have been trying to track down why gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg does not work
> on Debian. I think it's a problem with ffmpeg itself, so could someone
> please take a look at the bug report below?
> <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=353045>

You most likely messed up in your auto$%^@# build system.  FFmpeg builds
fine with all combinations of --disable-encoders and --disable-muxers.
Or you are not using CVS.  Since you mention the Debian package, this is
also extremely likely.


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