[Ffmpeg-devel] FFmpeg naming and logo

Alexander Strasser eclipse7
Sat Feb 18 10:46:26 CET 2006


Jindrich Makovicka wrote:
> Luca Barbato wrote:
> > Still in BN, I hope somebody could come up with something better, I'll
> > play a bit on it the next week.
> This is all nice, but it isn't a logo. You can put some random DCT & ME
> stuff as a background watermark on the webpage, but having it in a
> "logo" is silly. A logotype should be clean and simple, while you are
> aiming to put there everything you like, which is the exact opposite.
> Actually things like this almost always appear in any public logo
> competition. It makes me constantly amazed how otherwise very
> intelligent people come up with such stuff... haven't they _ever_ seen a
> logo?

  I agree that Micheals sketch is not suited in all it's details for
a logo in all sizes, but i still like it (would be cool for the ffmpeg
homepage probably). Anyway i think often it is best to have a logo
in variation for some size ranges, just consider this one for the
biggest sizes.

  Anyway here is yet another draft at putting it in a vector format.
Download the ps here:  http://www.fh-worms.de/~inf150/p/ffmpeg-logo-3.ps 
(I hope it doesn't contain too many bugs *g* )

  Alex (beastd)

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