[Ffmpeg-devel] Missing RTP payloads after H263 encoding

Wiese, Hendrik hendrik.wiese
Wed Feb 15 07:46:33 CET 2006


I dropped the Windows port of my program, concentrating all my knowledge on
the development of the Linux port. Which is tricky enough... So, well, ah...
I got another problem here, mentioned before in another thread (falsely
written to the ffmpeg-user-list, I'm sorry):

I read an AVI video of QCIF resolution into my program frame by frame and
give every frame to the avcodec_encode_video function to encode it into
H.263. But for my surprise there are some frames missing in the end of the
generated RTP stream. My program told me there were 149 frames in the
original video, 149 RTP payloads were returned by the callback and 149
payloads were written to the generated binary file. So nothing appears to be
missing. But playing the encoded RTP stream with mPlayer ends up in a
message that "end of file is reached" seconds before the original video
ends. Setting the encoding frame rate to a value higher than the one of the
original results in less missing frames but (logical) faster playback. 

Does anybody know how to solve this problem?

Thanks a lot in advance

kind regards, 
Hendrik Wiese

PS: I'm using latest CVS of FFMPEG. And if there are any further
informations or something needed to help me solve this problem, please let
me know! Thx

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