[Ffmpeg-devel] Which video codec for embedded use (iPods etc) ?

Dave Chapman dave
Sat Feb 11 18:58:25 CET 2006


I'm a developer for the Rockbox project (http://www.rockbox.org), which
sa you may know is a GPL'd replacement firmware for a growing number of
different portable music players (such as those made by Archos, iriver,
and more recently some iPods).

I'm looking to investigate the feasibility of video playback on some of
these devices.  They typically have a 16-bit colour LCD with a 220x176
or smaller resolution.

These devices have no FPU and 32MB RAM.  Processors used are a 124MHz
Coldfire (m68k-based) or dual 75Mhz arm7tdmi.

I'm looking for advice as to which video codec has the greatest chance
of performing well in such an environment.  i.e. one which gives a
reasonable compression ratio, but is "easy" to decode?

Any advice gratefully received.



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