[Ffmpeg-devel] maintainers list

Colin Ward lists
Thu Feb 9 02:44:55 CET 2006

Guillaume POIRIER wrote:
>>> In any case, that explains why IMHO for PPC it's justified to tell
>>> which platform are maintained (NB: if I'm not mistaken, even Amiga
>>> uses PPC, and I doubt any maintainer can pretend that they can
>>> maintain that platform).
>>    Actually my Amiga program is based on FFMPEG and there is at least
>> one other guy on this mailing list who is working with FFMPEG and the
>> Amiga, so it's not totally orphaned.  :-)  I even saw some #ifdef amiga
>> stuff in the CVS code IIRC.
> Does that meant that you're willing to be listed on the maintainers
> list as the Amiga PPC maintainer?

   Sure, feel free to add me.

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