[Ffmpeg-devel] RE: FFV1 codec crashes on files written with 0.4.9pre1

Andreas Matthies a.matthies
Wed Feb 8 21:23:44 CET 2006

> Hi,
>On 2/8/06, Andreas Matthies <a.matthies at gmx.net> wrote:
>> Hi.
>> My application uses 0.4.9pre1
>Sorry, but bug reports should be reported testing with CVS code
>(hopefully your problem is already solved).

If you'd read my mail exactly you would have noticed that my bug report is
about "latest ffmpeg (and newer FFDSHOW filter and VLC) crashes on these
files" which means current CVS segfaults on avi files with FFV1 stream
written with an earlier version. I know that FFV1 is still (and probably
will stay) experimental with no guaranty that later versions will play older
files. But segfaulting isn't the best option IMHO.

- Andreas

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