[Ffmpeg-devel] logs with printf and fprintf

DKorchev at aol.com DKorchev
Tue Feb 7 21:10:10 CET 2006


I have a suggestion that will  simplify the integration process of ffmpeg 
into another  application.

Current code has a lot of printf and fprintf statements. It  would be better 
to define a log function like

void my_log(log_type,  message,...);

where log_type is one of these LOG_ERROR, LOG_INFO,  LOG_WARNING, etc.

That would make it easier to redirect all messages  to a file or suppress 
them depending on application requirements.
This is  easy to change and it does not need to be done for all messages at 
once because  it should not break any code.


Dmitriy Korchev 

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