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Diego Biurrun diego
Tue Feb 7 11:55:19 CET 2006

On Tue, Feb 07, 2006 at 03:25:08AM +0100, Alexander Strasser wrote:
> Diego Biurrun wrote:
> > 
> > I went over the files and checked out all obvious maintainers.  Here is
> > the updated list.  I'll commit this soon unless somebody comes up with
> > some clever improvements.
>   The Advantage of my layout is that you easily see what stuff belongs
> together and to what lib and that you can easily find out the maintainer
> by knowing a filename or keyword. Also I changed the platform to consist
> of os/arch pairs (only one entry as example).

I have doubts about the os/arch pair, there is not much sense in making
distinctions too fine-grained there IMO.  The assembler code is the same
after all.

>   There are also still some open questions:
>   - leave out umaintained parts or explicitly list them as unmaintained?
>   - coders/decoders and muxers/demuxers in the same section or separated?
>   For the latter I think separated might be better to avoid confusion.
> The other option is to write Decoder/... in each entry but this would
> be quite redundant and ugly IMHO.

I have attached the union of both our efforts.

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FFmpeg maintainers

Below is a list of the people maintaining different parts of the
FFmpeg code.

Project Leader

Michael Niedermayer
  final design decisions


  ffmpeg.c                              Michael Niedermayer

  Video Hooks:


  ffserver.c, ffserver.h

Commandline utility code:
  cmdutils.c, cmdutils.h

QuickTime faststart:
  qt-faststart.c                        Mike Melanson

Miscellaneous Areas

documentation                           Mike Melanson, Diego Biurrun
website                                 Mike Melanson, Diego Biurrun
build system (configure,Makefiles)      Diego Biurrun


External Interfaces:
Internal Interfaces:

  intfloat*                             Michael Niedermayer
  rational.c, rational.h                Michael Niedermayer
  mathematics.c, mathematics.h          Michael Niedermayer
  integer.c, integer.h                  Michael Niedermayer


Generic Parts:
  External Interfaces:
    avcodec.h                           Michael Niedermayer
  utility code:
    opt.c, opt.h
  arithmetic expression evaluator:
    eval.c                              Michael Niedermayer
  audio and video frame extraction:
  bitsream reading:
    bitstream.c, bitstream.h            Michael Niedermayer
    cabac.h, cabac.c                    Michael Niedermayer
  DSP utilities:
    dsputils.c, dsputils.h              Michael Niedermayer
  entropy coding:
    rangecoder.c, rangecoder.h          Michael Niedermayer
  floating point AAN DCT:
    faandct.c, faandct.h                Michael Niedermayer
  Golomb coding:
    golomb.c, golomb.h                  Michael Niedermayer
  motion estimation:
    motion*                             Michael Niedermayer
  rate control:
    xvid_rc.c                           Michael Niedermayer
  simple IDCT:
    simple_idct.c, simple_idct.h        Michael Niedermayer
    libpostproc/*                       Michael Niedermayer

  4xm.c                                 Michael Niedermayer
  8bps.c                                Roberto Togni
  asv*                                  Michael Niedermayer
  bmp.c                                 Mans Rullgard
  cinepak.c                             Roberto Togni
  cljr                                  Alex Beregszaszi
  cook.c, cookdata.h                    Benjamin Larsson
  cscd.c                                Reimar Doeffinger
  dpcm.c                                Mike Melanson
  dv.c                                  Roman Shaposhnik
  ffv1.c                                Michael Niedermayer
  flac.c                                Alex Beregszaszi
  flicvideo.c                           Mike Melanson
  g726.c                                Roman Shaposhnik
  h264*                                 Loren Merritt, Michael Niedermayer
  h261*                                 Michael Niedermayer
  h263*                                 Michael Niedermayer
  huffyuv.c                             Michael Niedermayer
  idcinvideo.c                          Mike Melanson
  interplayvideo.c                      Mike Melanson
  lcl.c                                 Roberto Togni
  lzo.h, lzo.c                          Reimar Doeffinger
  mdec.c                                Michael Niedermayer
  mjpeg.c                               Michael Niedermayer
  mpeg12.c, mpeg12data.h                Michael Niedermayer
  mpegvideo.c, mpegvideo.h              Michael Niedermayer
  msmpeg4.c, msmpeg4data.h              Michael Niedermayer
  msrle.c                               Mike Melanson
  msvideo1.c                            Mike Melanson
  oggtheora.c                           Mans Rullgard
  qdm2.c, qdm2data.h                    Roberto Togni
  qtrle.c                               Mike Melanson
  ra144.c, ra144.h, ra288.c, ra288.h    Roberto Togni
  resample2.c                           Michael Niedermayer
  rpza.c                                Roberto Togni
  rv10.c                                Michael Niedermayer
  smc.c                                 Mike Melanson
  snow.c                                Michael Niedermayer, Loren Merritt
  sonic.c                               Alex Beregszaszi
  svq3.c                                Michael Niedermayer
  truemotion*                           Mike Melanson
  vcr1.c                                Michael Niedermayer
  vp3*                                  Mike Melanson
  vqavideo.c                            Mike Melanson
  wmv2.c                                Michael Niedermayer
  x264.c                                Mans Rullgard
  xan.c                                 Mike Melanson
  xvmcvideo.c                           Ivan Kalvachev


Generic parts:
  External Interface:
  Utility Code:

  4xm.c                                 Mike Melanson
  avi*                                  Michael Niedermayer
  crc.c                                 Michael Niedermayer
  daud.c                                Reimar Doeffinger
  dc1394.c, dv.c                        Roman Shaposhnik
  flic.c                                Mike Melanson
  flvdec.c, flvenc.c                    Michael Niedermayer
  idcin.c                               Mike Melanson
  idroq.c                               Mike Melanson
  ipmovie.c                             Mike Melanson
  img2.c                                Michael Niedermayer
  mov.c                                 Francois Revol, Michael Niedermayer
  mpegts*                               Mans Rullgard
  nsvdec.c                              Francois Revol
  nut.c                                 Alex Beregszaszi
  ogg2.c, ogg2.h                        Mans Rullgard
  oggparsevorbis.c                      Mans Rullgard
  psxstr.c                              Mike Melanson
  raw.c                                 Michael Niedermayer
  rm.c                                  Roberto Togni
  segafilm.c                            Mike Melanson
  wav.c                                 Michael Niedermayer
  wc3movie.c                            Mike Melanson
  westwood.c                            Mike Melanson


Alpha                                   Mans Rullgard, Falk Hueffner
BeOS                                    Francois Revol
i386                                    Michael Niedermayer
PPC                                     Romain Dolbeau

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