[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: Linuxtag 2006

Colin Ward lists
Tue Feb 7 08:54:52 CET 2006

Diego Biurrun wrote:


>>   Which book was this in?  I would like to read this chapter.
> The book is called "Video" and was published by Open Source Press:
> http://www.opensourcepress.de/index.php?26&backPID=15&tt_products=20
> It's in German, though.  Nevertheless it's a good book.  Go buy it ;)

   It's surprising how often German comes up when programming, 
especially if (like me) you hang out in that crazy underground world 
called "Amiga."  :-)  In fact in the past I kept meeting so many Germans 
and kept stumbling onto so much German source code and documentation 
that I decided to learn German.  So I went to apply for German lessons 
but ended up in French lessons.  Not sure how that happened really.

   Times like this I wish that I had walked into the German classroom 
rather than the French classroom!  :-)

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