[Ffmpeg-devel] Post processing of codecs which require it.

Debabrata Banerjee davatar
Sat Feb 4 18:20:26 CET 2006

>> Also if you disagree - it would be nice to update api_example.c with how 
>> to
>> do this properly for us n00bs :)
> yes it would be nice, patch welcome :)

Well right now I must be doing it wrong, so I don't think it would come from 
me any time soon. I have serious issues which I do not understand. i.e. 
AVFrame.qscale_table comes back homogeneous except for the last column of 
blocks which is always 0, AVFrame.qstride is 41 when there are 40 16x blocks 
in a 640 pixel row, and for some reason even fixing qscale_table manually 
pp_postprocess() gradually blurs each consequitive frame more and more until 
what appears to be the next keyframe, making a horrible "ticking" effect in 
the output video - the higher the qscale values the more pronounced it is. 
Even when it does actually deblock, it doesn't seem to effectively deblock 
the lowest quality parts of a picture (Duh, qscale_table is homogeneous!). 
I'm sure one of you guys could write a proper example in about 5 minutes..


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