[Ffmpeg-devel] Ffmpeg returns incorrect durations for VOBs/MPGs, pointer to fix?

Paul Curtis pfc
Sat Feb 4 17:08:27 CET 2006

Here is the complete source code (free to use) of a program called 
'avprobe'. It basically does what 'ffmpeg.c' does, but has a couple of 
features that can be used in scripts.

   avprobe x|t|s filename

   where: filename is the file to check
   options: 'x' returns a detailed XML output
            't' returns the duration in seconds
            's' returns the 'avcodec_string' (like
                'ffmpeg') of the streams

To compile:

gcc -g -Wall -I<ffmpeg-base>/libavcodec -I<ffmpeg-base>/libavformat -I 
<ffmpeg-base>/libavutil -c avprobe.c

You will have to link the avprobe.o with your 'ffmpeg' libraries, either 
static or shared. In addition, if you are using external libraries for 
'ffmpeg' (like FAAC) you will need to link to them as well.

Have fun.

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