[Ffmpeg-devel] does grab.c capture non-interlaced video?

Luca Abeni lucabe72
Fri Feb 3 15:30:10 CET 2006

Hi all,

when testing the new v4l2 input format and moving some applications to
it, I noticed something strange:

- when capturing 352x288 video with the v4l2 module, the video is
interlaced (if I try to play it without deinterlacing, I can see a lot
of visible artifacts). This is was I expect

- when capturing 352x288 video with the old grab.c input format
(video4linux input), the video does not seem to be interlaced (if I try
to play it without deinterlacing, no interlacing artifacts are visible).
This is what I find strange...

I see that this does not happen when capturing full D1 (720x576) video
(that is, when capturing full D1 both grab.c and v4l2.c returns
interlaced video).

Does anyone know if the old video4linux driver deinterlaced video frames
by default when rescaling to 288 lines? Or maybe it just rescaled to 288
lines by discarding one field?
Anyway, the behaviour of video4linux and video4linux2 seems to be
different in this respect (at least, in the bttv driver...). Can anyone
confirm this?

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