[Ffmpeg-devel] maintainers list

Diego Biurrun diego
Fri Feb 3 12:51:50 CET 2006


during the last days the question of who maintains what has been
creeping up constantly.  I thought we might want to fix this in a file
where it can be looked up easily.  I've just produced a short and
incomplete draft that could be committed to CVS as a MAINTAINERS file or
something.  Comments and additions welcome.  Is this desirable?


FFmpeg maintainers

Below is a list of the people maintaining different parts of the
FFmpeg code.

Project Leader

Michael Niedermayer
  final design decisions

misc areas

documentation   Mike Melanson, Diego Biurrun
website         Mike Melanson, Diego Biurrun
build system    Diego Biurrun


H.264           Loren Merritt / Michael Niedermayer
H.26*           Michael Niedermayer
x264            Mans Rullgard
BMP             Mans Rullgard
Snow            Michael Niedermayer / Loren Merritt
MPEG            Michael Niedermayer
RV10/RV20       Michael Niedermayer
SVQ3            Michael Niedermayer
8bps            Roberto Togni
cinepak         Roberto Togni
QDM2            Roberto Togni
ra144/rq288     Roberto Togni
sonic           Alex Beregszaszi
qtrle           Mike Melanson
msvideo1        Mike Melanson

MOV             Francois Revol / Michael Niedermayer
DV              Roman Shaposhnik
RM/RA           Roberto Togni
Ogg             Mans Rullgard

Alpha:          Mans Rullgard
PPC:            Romain Dolbeau
BeOS:           Francois Revol

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