[Ffmpeg-devel] fdct_mmx.c does not compile with -O0 ?

Corey Hickey bugfood-ml
Thu Feb 2 20:32:18 CET 2006

Michel Bardiaux wrote:
>>>Hello, I am new here, so maybe I missed something...  Appears that
>>>fdct_mmx.c doesn't compile with -O0.
>>>gcc 4.0.2
>>-O0 is generally not supported nor useful...
> Behavior under gdb is often very weird with -O3. A working -O0 would be 
> helpful for debugging.

Yeah... Me, I'm nowhere near l33t enough to deal with debugging and
optimization funkiness, so I always compile with gcc-3.4 and -O0 when
I'm trying to develop something.

It must have been in another thread, but I think Michael said it was a
gcc bug. If that is the case, I would be willing to report it to the gcc
developers if nobody else cares about it enough; however, simply telling
them "ffmpeg and mplayer don't compile with gcc-4.x and -O0" probably
wouldn't get much attention. Does anyone know what exactly is failing
and/or have a more simple test case?


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