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Colin Ward lists
Thu Feb 2 06:26:13 CET 2006

Rick Harris wrote:
> As a member of this mailing list, I'm a long time reader, first time poster.

   I'm the same.  Sometimes you've gotta do a lot of reading before you 
can do any writing.  :-)


> Two areas that crrently require attention are the .MOV parser & framerate detection.
> These used to work, but over time have been broken.

   Yes!  I have support for quite a range of video formats in my media 
player and they all work fine, *except* for the .mov format, which 
results in crazy framerates of 1 FPS for videos that are really 30 FPS. 
  I have tried in vain to get my player working for .mov as well but all 
of my attempts at obtaining the framerate from FFMPEG have resulted in 
correct framerates for all formats *except* .mov or correct framerates 
but *only* for .mov.  Repeated questions to this list have resulted in 
answers from "it's your fault for using FFMPEG incorrectly" to "The .mov 
decoder is broken and isn't returning framerate data correctly."

   Whatever it is, we need to fix it once and for all.  Looking through 
the ffmpeg.c source code there are all sort of hacks for calculating pts 
values but this seems wrong to me.  Surely with a system such as FFMPEG 
this should all be abstracted away from the calling code?  If you call 
FFMPEG and obtain a frame of data then that frame should have a pts 
associated with it.  It shouldn't matter whether the file is a variable 
or constant framerate file, or whether it is .mov, .mpeg or .avi.  I 
shouln't *care* about this.  But it seems that with the current version 
of FFMPEG I *do* have to care about this.  And I have to hack, and 
understand the internals of FFMPEG just to get a correct pts.

   So can someone say once and for all, why is it so difficult to get 
correct pts values from .mov files when they work for all other formats?

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