[Ffmpeg-devel] Quicktime DV audio embedding

Dan Maas dmaas
Wed Feb 1 09:17:31 CET 2006

ffmpeg's Quicktime file format driver does not produce correct DV
files. It fails to insert the DV headers and embedded audio into the
DV stream. This does not affect Quicktime Player, but it prevents the
files from being output successfully to FireWire video hardware.

(in other words, the DV stream within the Quicktime file must be a
complete and valid DV stream, including all the DIF headers and
embedded audio. Quicktime Player doesn't care, but FireWire video
devices do!)

It looks like inserting the DIF headers is not a big deal; it can
simply be folded into the DV video encoder. However, I am not sure how
to proceed with the audio.

I could hack up a special audio buffer in movenc.c, but I suspect
there must be a more elegant approach.

Note that the number of audio samples per frame must follow a specific
pattern in order for the DV stream to be valid. (1920 samples for PAL,
and 1600 or 1602 in NTSC in an alternating 2:3 pattern).

Can someone please tell me what is the best way to go about
implementing this?


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