[Ffmpeg-devel] Improve synchronize using ffmpeg.

Paul paul.pham
Wed Dec 20 03:48:14 CET 2006

i have problem when i record video with ffmpeg library.

That is, the video recorded is missing time ... example, if i record 30 seconds, recoded video missing 2 seconds.

I also record audio with directsound, and this work good. The time of  recorded audio is right. Ex: If i record in 30 second, i will get the recorded audio with time record is 30.

So, next of my problem is when i using ffmpeg to merge the video and audio above then i get recorded media but audio and video are not synchronize....

ffmpeg -i -y recorded_audio recorded_video recorded_media 

I would like to get synchronize, the video can missing little second but synchronize is need for me.

have limit of synchronize using ffmpeg, can ffmpeg improve synchronize,, ? What options we can use???

I hope you can help me.. Thanks for your help.

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