[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] qcelp codec supporrt

Moriyoshi Koizumi koizumi
Mon Dec 11 04:21:58 CET 2006


I implemented avcodec stub code that glues ffmpeg with the reference
implementation of QCELP which is provided in the 3GPP2 project page.

Any comments are welcome.

Patching instruction:

1. Download the reference implementation from the the 3GPP2 project


  The file in question is entitled as follows:

    C.R0020-A v1.0   Software Distribution for High Rate Speech (13k),
    Service Option 17, Specification (228KB)

2. Extract the files to libavcodec/qcelp so the directory structure
   would be organized in the following layout:

   +- qcelp/
      +- code/
      +- dsp_fx/
      +- fxptlibs/
      +- tty/
      +- ttylib.45/

3. Patch the RI source.

  Because the RI source shares the same pieces as the AMR's RI,
  (I don't know what happened among them though :) I had bothered
  to rewrite some part of the code. You can grab the patch from the
  following location:



Moriyoshi Koizumi (?? ??)
GREE, Inc.
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