[Ffmpeg-devel] compiling on Solaris 10

Bjoern Rost b.rost
Thu Dec 7 11:33:19 CET 2006


I have succesfully compiled ffmpeg on Solaris 10 and I would like to
share my problems and solutions in doing so with you guys:

configure didn't recognize/find/enable dlfcn.h, so I manually added
these two lines to config.h

#define HAVE_DLFCN_H 1

I also needed to set the SHELL-Parameter in config.mak to something else
than /bin/sh because 'test -nt' is called and doesn't work in that
For some reason I had to change '-pthread' to '-pthreads' in OPTFLAGS
and VHOOKCFLAGS in order to compile with thread support.

Two lines of code failed with errors during compilation in rtp.c and

i changed

au_headers_length = BE_16(buf); (rtp.c)
uint16_t nal_size = BE_16(src); (rtp_h264.c)


au_headers_length = BE_16(*buf);
uint16_t nal_size = BE_16(*src);

and everything went fine.

install also didn't work quite the same, the first time, i had to copy
all files manually, after that it worked just like expected.

I am not a configure/Makefile/codeing pro, so it would be great if
somebody could properly include these quick hacks.

I did all this to a version I pulled from svn on 20061117, so feel free
to bash me for not using the most current version.


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