[Ffmpeg-devel] ffmpeg real-time encode webcam

jean.mab at bluewin.ch jean.mab
Wed Dec 6 09:51:15 CET 2006


I need to use ffmpeg in real time for my project: A webcam stream 
video pass through a codec and  is displayed on the screen. So I 
learn the apiexample.c and "Using libavcodec" example to do that and 
it seems to be ok. 
But what I want to do now is the following:

1. Modifiy the framerate: I think I can do that with c->time_base= 

2. Modifiy the compression rate: which parameter of the structure 
AVCodecContext can I choose to do that?

3. Display in real time the bitrate after the compression (so 
display the bitrate of the stream between the compression and the 
decompression): which function can do that?

An other question: Is it possible to change the framerate and the 
compression rate in real time ?

Thank you

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