[Ffmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Correct inttypes.h emulation for Visual Studio

Mike Melanson mike
Sun Dec 3 23:37:02 CET 2006

Alexander Chemeris wrote:
> Don't you think that right of choice is much bigger bonus then strict 
> following
> the Standard in many cases. And I think that right of choice is the
> biggest bonus
> of Open Source.

Absolutely! And here on the FFmpeg project, we have made our choice.

> It's very sad, 
> that you
> hate other compilers then gcc. Some platforms have old compilers which does

It's very sad that you think we 'hate' a compiler just because we choose 
not to proactively support it.

>> Indeed.  Patch rejected.
> Aah, it was you who made life harder for us, cross platform programmers.
> Very sad for you.

Yeah, we're weeping over here...

	-Mike Melanson

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