[Ffmpeg-devel] Re: FFMpeg crash on decoding H.264 incomplete frame.

Alexander Chemeris ipse.ffmpeg
Sat Dec 2 00:52:32 CET 2006


Sorry for corruping mail thread - I've just subscribed to this list, and
cannot reply to older messages.

> On Nov 29, 2006, at 7:12 AM, Alexander Chemeris wrote:
>> I'm trying to decode H.264 stream, coming from RTP stream.
>> Sometimes FFMpeg crash on incomplete frames.
> Are you using the rtp stack in ffmpeg, or your own rtp stream? (it's
> looking like your own stream?)
We use our own RTP stack, but the problem does not related to RTP at all.
Sample H.264 stream I've attached to previous e-mail is raw H.264 stream
without any RTP headers. So problem lies somewhere in H.264 decoder.

> With the built in rtp stack on ffmpeg, I've seen it crash, but only
> when there was incomplete data for a frame, and the audio syncing
> required the frame be decoded.  This can be fixed by adding buffering
> to ffplay (or whatever uses ffmpeg).
We use H.264 to make video calls, so we cannot create big preload
buffer, as usual stream players (such as VLC) do. We use jitter buffer to
get rid of jitter, but some packets could be dropped if connection is not
very stable. And then FFMpeg could crash. :(

Alexander Chemeris.

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